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Balms Foundation for Children - Cultural exhibition at the end of the semester at Casa Valores

Departamento de Comunicación

Fecha 18/09/2019

One of the important events of August at Casa de Valores, the program to support children and young people of Ciudad Bolívar in Bogotá was the second one that was held as the closing event of the second four-month period, closing the activities of dances, crafts and sports.

On this occasion, all the children worked under the Bicentennial line of the independence of Colombia, which is why the cumbia and the native music of their country were the protagonists of the event.

Besides, they were able to enjoy numerous sports, artistic and cultural activities. The play “Bogotá, the story of a cachaco” was performed and also, the sports group delighted with three choreographies that showed how each one has advanced in their motor development.

The fathers and mothers who also participated in the celebration, the happiness of seeing their children participate and their effort and work were some of the messages of congratulations on their part.