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Coordination meetings begin for the creation of the “Environmental Awareness Days” in the Barrio Santa Lucía, Dominican Republic

Fecha 05/12/2019

Coordination meetings begin with the 08-04 Education District and the Cibao Ecological Society (SOECI) for the Environmental Awareness Days. Likewise, meetings have been held with directors and teachers of natural sciences preparing the environmental education and awareness program.

Due to its proximity to the Rafey landfill, the Barrio Santa Lucia, Dominican Republic, is a recipient of its polluting effects. The main ones are the permanent presence of pests of flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and rats, which in turn have caused cases of dengue, zika and chicunguya in the sector.

Despite the context in which the neighborhood is, a third of households are not aware of the environmental problems generated by the solid waste boot to the ravine or the burning of the same.

The awareness days will aim to improve environmental awareness in the Barrio Santa Lucía, both in citizens and in recyclers and schoolchildren. These conferences are linked to the project in progress “Improving living conditions for the expansion of people's capacities and freedoms through a process of citizen and community participation with a gender focus in the Barrio Santa Lucía, Dominican Republic”.