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We continue to collaborate to build or a more just, supportive and inclusive society

Fecha 31/12/2019

This 2019 has been a year of important achievements and especially great opportunities. We have started this journey for more than seventeen years, in which we have not stopped working on various cooperation projects, some of which have been with us since then.

In Peru, we continue to support, at the hands of the Society of Jesus, the Sacred Heart of Jesus College in Jicamarca, Lima.

In Colombia, the country in which we begin our journey as an organization, we continue with our “Casa de Valores” in Ciudad Bolivar (Bogotá) working through artistic expression activities, training courses and complementary workshops on values. In addition, we are initiating the reopening of a second house in the San Joaquin neighborhood of the Vatican.

In the Dominican Republic, we successfully completed the second phase of the project “Social participation in the educational system of the Barrio Santa Lucía through the generation of capacities in the holders of rights, responsibilities and obligations for an inclusive and quality education in Saint Lucia”. Likewise, we started the project “Improving living conditions for the expansion of people's capacities and freedoms through a process of citizen and community participation with a gender focus in Saint Lucia”.

We are also still present in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where we continue to support the “Educating in equality: Ditunga, Mutoka Mwoto and la Bonté” project in the Ngandanjika region.

Finally, throughout this year we started in Senegal the project “Omar Amadu Maty for the improvement of the health service and the reduction of malnutrition in the city of Gaé, Senegal.”. In this year we carried out the identification of the project in the field and we are currently in search of financing, both public and private.

This is a fascinating path, with small but significant achievements, in which each day, each proposal and each contribution helps to continue advancing towards a more just, solidary and inclusive society. We invite you to read our report of activities of the year 2019, in which the activities and proposals made in this year are briefly collected.